224) Studio Window Finishes

by Gail on November 16, 2015

It’s only been 4.5 years since we built the studio. The whole family uses it for projects, especially at Christmas time.making a bag

chair upholsteryWe had a fold-down bed built in there for guest accommodation.wall bed open

But, the deep window returns and sills have been sporting the truly rustic look all that time. Until now.

The 20’x20′ studio was built with insulated concrete forms, and the sills are nearly 12″ deep. There is 3″ thick styrofoam outside, and 3″ inside, with 8″ of concrete in between. The concrete floor has 3″ of styrofoam insulation underneath. The studio is sturdy and snug.rustic window sill

To prepare the returns for finishing, we had to shim, level, add filler (plywood and dimensional wood), cut away excess spray foam, trim the slot wall, and chip away concrete that went bump. studio before

Then, measuring once and cutting twice (rather than the sage advice, “measure twice, cut once”), I cut beautiful 1/2″ fir plywood to size. Of course, the pieces didn’t quite fit the spaces, because they really were wonky. Tops and bottoms were not the same size. One window had been installed slightly twisted, plus not level and plumb. Too much fussy-cutting, as we say in the quilting world.

I applied Varathane finish (three coats for the sill, two for the returns), sanding lightly between coats.cut fir panels

Then I nailed the panels in place. They still needed adjustments, so I added more shims and sanded the edges where they didn’t quite meet precisely.

The whole measuring, cutting, trimming, painting, shimming and nailing process had to be repeated for the white trim pieces.

Then, filling the nail holes and spaces I couldn’t get perfect. 

I’d say it was worth it – it’s so pretty to look at now. window sill after

window well with vignette

Wasn’t cheap, though, I insisted on real wood, none of that short-lasting mdf stuff that off-gases. The materials cost about $550. Lucky the labour was free!

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Joy November 16, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Visual treat Gail. Love the details, love the finishes. Beautifully done.


Fairview Doug November 17, 2015 at 7:32 am

Fantastic job! The wood leaps right out amid the white walls.


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