210) S.T.T.F. Days 4-6 (Door closings and window trim)

by Gail on April 11, 2014

I haven’t been doing a daily update on our Sprint to the Finish, because it’s turned into a Limp to the Finish. There’s not much progress, at least to the casual viewer. top lock

The thing is, finishing tasks can be all blood and no glory. Take these persnickety old doors and their truly awkward hardware, for example.door locksbedroom door before

bath door before

In order to make the doors functional, Rob had to take the latch/lock mechanisms completely apart, discard most of the interior parts, and re-build the doors with various hand-shaped pieces of fir.patching doors

Then, he had to cobble together the miscellaneous mis-matched hardware and vintage door knobs we had in the box, plus buy a latch that was the right length for commercial doors.

And, being a bit of a perfectionist, he wanted to use brass screws the same vintage as the doors. Then, once the latches were assembled, we both had to fill and sand and stain the wood adapters so THEY also looked the same vintage. door knob

Here are some results of our painstaking efforts:bedroom door know

bedroom french doors


We definitely ended up with funky door hardware.bathroom doorknob

And, in slightly other progress, we had this eyesore to deal with:window well

Four years after the windows were installed, I have finally done the staining and finishing of the last window. It has been hidden behind the plastic that protected the window from spray-on insulation, drywall mud, and spray paint.light well window before

It’s also nine feet up, with a sink cabinet below, making access to it difficult for me.

Rob has one of those ladders that convert into a scaffold, and it fit right over the sink cabinet. I put a small stool on top to make it the right height for me.cupboard-spanning scaffold

Meanwhile, we laminated, planed, sanded, stained and varathaned four strips of fir flooring to build a sill/surround.laminated flooring window trim

Now that wall cavity is covered up. Much better!finished light well

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Joy April 12, 2014 at 9:39 pm

I think I have read this post at least five times. The sheer amount of labour involved in the door latches plus the wonderfully finished but really tough job of finishing the window above the sink wore me out. I love that handle into the bathroom, a great feature and I am sure never to be seen in any other bathroom anywhere. I am guessing the double doors are into the lower floor bedroom, a lot of creative work add handles/locks. I can only wait with anticipation to see what will happen next (I hope there are at least four days left).


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