209) S.T.T.F.- Day 3 (Door Closings!)

by Gail on April 5, 2014

So, we hit the number one priority today: putting latches and locks on bathroom and bedroom doors. At one point, Rob said “this is taking so long.” I told him it’s taken us three years, and so in comparison, a couple hours to figure out how to handle these old doors and their hardware is fast.

Regular readers of This Green House will recall that several of our interior doors have been reclaimed from a university math lecture hall. Those doors came with a complicated latch system that we could not figure out how to disassemble. door locks

Rob methodically analyzed the latch, applying WD-40, filed down some nicks that prevented the latch from functioning, figured out how to remove the knob and take out the complicated locking system which could actually be dangerous in an emergency if we accidentally locked ourselves in. We located enough old hardware in the box labelled “door hardware.”box of door hardware

Rob lined up the components he needed.doorknob organization

And put together a latch which allows us to close our bedroom door for the first time. Good-bye slippers and door stops that have ineffectively closed the door until now.doors close!

AND, our bathrooms have not only a latch, but a lock, too. Our guests have been so patient lo these many years. bathroom latch

In other news, the free shutters that blew off in one of our famous winds (you were right, D!) have been reinstalled, more securely this time.shutters attached

Here’s an improved view of the garden shed now:garden shed tweak.jpg

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Joy April 5, 2014 at 12:13 pm

I love great stories. Each day another update. Bathroom door locks and door handles that close and shutters that are back in place, important and well worth the effort, waiting for next week updates with anticipation. Enjoying vicariously.


Anita April 28, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Oh my goodness, I’m so happy to see someone else doing the same thing! Wow, that is a complicated lock for sure. I have never seen one like that. Love that you are reusing, and reusing for the original purpose. I always think that’s harder. Thanks for stopping by:-)


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