207) Sprint to the Finish – Day 1

by Gail on April 2, 2014

Exactly a year ago today, I posted our 48 little things challenge. When you build your own house, it never gets finished (“Man who finish house die.”) That challenge was designed to jump-start (or jump-finish, really) our niggling little jobs. It gets so that you don’t even see those deficiencies anymore. You just live with them. All your guests have to trust that no one’s going to burst into the bathroom when they’re in there, because there are no locks, let alone latches.

We managed to get 9 of those 48 tasks done. NINE! IN A WHOLE YEAR! Neither of us has had much of an appetite for working on the house. Anything BUT.

Quite ridiculous.

So, I’ve hired Rob.rob sprint

He has made himself available for two weeks of following my instructions. I have made a list, prioritized. At the very top: put latches on all interior doors, and locks on the bathroom doors. (You see, dear guests, that I have your interests at heart.)

And me? I have also committed that time – I will be Rob’s go-fer, painter and cleaner-upper. If I have any spare time, I will do some of the other jobs on the 48 challenge.

Today, Day 1: For a quick sense of accomplishment, Rob and I attacked the window and door trim, necessitating the painting of a lot of primed finger-joint 1×3.sprint 5

Some befores:sprint trim collage

and some afters:sprint after Collage.jpg

I do hope you’ll be there to cheer us on as we triumphantly cross the “finish” line.




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Joy April 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Everyone’s secret dream, a carpenter to finish/fix things.


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