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by Gail on August 22, 2013

patio posts installedStructure is happening. Finally.

From a loosely-conceived “floor plan” and a few inspiration photos, we are gradually making decisions in stone (literally), and the patio starts to look inviting.

Peter and Jonas did not like my idea for bluestone slabs for the stairs, and presented me with this elegant form when I arrived back home after a few hours away. It was a beautiful idea, so I allowed them to twist my arm.patio pour 2

We made a decision to borrow a neighbour’s cement mixer, to avoid the considerable cost of having a single cubic meter delivered by truck. Jonas, D and Francois worked like ants to get the loads mixed fast, barely stopping for lunch. They used 4.5 bags of cement, and 1 yard of Navvy Jack mix. (1.5 shovels of cement and 5 shovels of Navvy Jack.)cement mixer

D wanted to share a photo of his wrinkly hands after the job was done.D's wrinkly hands

They formed a base in the corner for D’s pizza/bread oven.patio fireplace form

(I will cover the concrete in the same facing stone that’s on the house.)pizza oven base form

Stripped the forms.patio posts installed

pizza oven base

D and Francois and I went to the beach to find some beachy-looking posts.beach logs

Francois stripped the bark with a draw knife.de-barking patio posts

Jonas trimmed them. He chain-sawed slits into the bottom. prepping patio polesPut stinky wood preservative on the bottom.preservative on post ends

Installed the hidden post bases in the concrete.post bases

Placed the posts, and, using the level, got them to stand up straight.patio post height determination

Jonas used a nail template to locate the drill holes for the 1/2″ pins that he hammered in.post pin Collage

Decision time: how tall do we want the bottom of the structure to be? Low enough to feel intimate, but tall enough to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia. Jonas nailed a 2×4 at 8 feet, and, looking at it from all angles, we decided on 7’9″. Believe it or not!

Then, off to the cedar mill went Jonas. He had to load all the 4×8 beams and 2×8 rafters into our truck by himself. Lucky I didn’t go – I would have come back empty-handed.

Since we’re after a rustic look here, I decided we’d  WWOOFer Francois would shave off the edges with a draw knife, to make the beams and rafters look more aged/found. The professionals nixed our lovely beach posts for the rafters, because of the extra work to fit them, and because they weren’t strong enough.trimming beams & rafters

So, that’s where we’re sitting with the patio now (for all three of you curious relatives.)

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Joy August 23, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Definitely need to see the post that follows this post when it is ready. Love seeing the patio progress. Hammock in the future (need to see a picture of you lounging in the hammock).


the cape on the corner August 28, 2013 at 9:15 am

oh my gosh, what an amazing space this will be. looks like so much hard work, too.


Li August 30, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Beaut! Well done, Ma, Dad, and woofers!


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