197) Patio Progress

by Gail on July 24, 2013

patio area beforeI did not expect our little patio construction to make such a total change to the look of our front yard. Oddly, it makes it look bigger.patio after levelling

We hired Peter to build the forms for the retaining wall (and later the bread oven and patio floor.)

forms Collage

And a honkin’ pumper truck filled those forms with flyash concrete.the pourCollage

Then, the forms were stripped. Drain tile and drainrock installed.stripping and drain tile

And the real work began:

Sami, Ela, Haley and I weeded the whole hillside and behind the wall of blackberry, broom, alder, horsetail and most grasses.

weedy bank

We left the cedar and arbutus trees!patio from walkway

In total, we spent a long, long workday (9 hours!) cleaning up construction waste, moving rocks, and backfilling the wall by hand (well, by shovel.)


After that, we all needed to take a day off work.tired wwoofers

And our tired eyes were rewarded with a near-full-moonrise.



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