D has built a deck for his incoming bee hives. I guess I was expecting something a little more subtle in the yard than an 8×10 deck with 2×4 fence posts. I thought he’d be using rebar posts for the requisite electric fence, to keep the bears out.

But, this is what it looks like:

He re-used the salvaged lumber I found, and much of it was painted white or grey. Uuuugly! I thought I’d better paint it before the bees arrive, so that I’m not suffering in a bee suit while painting. Plus, I don’t think bees appreciate odd smells, like acrylic paint, perfume and booze (although I’m using a low VOC stain.)

Using the Behr Weatherproofing stain that we used for all our exterior finishing, I painted it to look like it fits into our yard more harmoniously. I gave the horizontal surfaces two coats. It’s supposed to last 6 years on horizontal surfaces. Now, D can electrify fences to his heart’s content!

While I was in the deck-painting mood, and because we had some leftover paint, I thought I’d tackle that studio deck that I painted almost four years ago, with that nasty Thompsons Waterseal (TWS). I’ve been putting it off, because I didn’t want to have to strip it.

Turns out the weather did much of the stripping for me, and about 20 minutes with the belt sander finished the job. For once, a job turned out easier than I expected.

In about 1 hour, I stained that baby. Behr is much easier to clean up than TWS (which was NOT remotely water cleanup as the product label said.)

And said goodbye to that stupid mistake I made.

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226) Re-painting Exterior Siding

by Gail on April 20, 2016

As I mentioned in August last year, the cedar sidewall shingles on the weathered south and east walls needed to be re-painted. They were fading, especially the flat-sawn ones, and cupping, in spite of our laborious hand-dipping, which is supposed to prevent cupping. The corners were drying out, creating voids which exposed unstained edges. The Behr semi-transparent stain has now been on those sun-baked weather walls for 6 years, which is exactly what we expected, according to my original research.

A house painter in our neighbourhood came highly recommended. Patrick Ladret – 604-886-9334. (Besides, he had done a whole lot of volunteer painting on my pet project, the Gibsons Public Market a couple of years ago, and had to work with a bunch of us who were real amateurs. He’s not only a good painter, but a socially-conscious and generous guy.)

He came by this week and re-stained our faded walls, with the Behr product we used originally. It was interesting to see how he reached those hard-to-access facia boards and tall walls, with various lengths of ladders and an 8″ roller on a 20-foot pole – I would never have thought that would work. When we did the original board staining, it was all lying flat on saw-horses.

before and after staining houseThirty years ago, we hired student painters to re-paint our first house, and they left drips all over our yard, windows, the roof of our van, concrete and rock walls and pavement. Patrick was very careful, with drop cloths over every surface, including plants, and cardboard drip-guards to protect the flashings.

I thought his price was reasonable, and I, too can now highly recommend his work. 



225) Scrap Wood Wall

December 7, 2015

So, D and Tess have been working on a sauna for nearly a year. Tess and Mike built the door in the summer. This past weekend, Tess and several friends came to stay, for a “Ladies Build S–t” retreat. They built such things as dinners, birthday breakfast, stuffed wolf-shark, cutting board, candle holders, carved spoon, […]

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224) Studio Window Finishes

November 16, 2015

It’s only been 4.5 years since we built the studio. The whole family uses it for projects, especially at Christmas time. We had a fold-down bed built in there for guest accommodation. But, the deep window returns and sills have been sporting the truly rustic look all that time. Until now. The 20’x20′ studio was […]

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223) Adding Water Storage

August 27, 2015

We’ve had a four-month drought here in the “rainforest” of southwestern British Columbia. When we built our house and landscaped the yard, we installed a 2000 gallon rainwater storage cistern. The water is used to flush our toilets and water the garden. I never knew how much water we would need for those purposes, but […]

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222) Concrete Countertops – Prototype

February 16, 2015

Well, I know I declared This Green House finished in 2014, only 5 years after we started building. But, the truth is: there will always be more tasks when you build your own house – some of them fun, and some of them fraught with difficulty. Concrete countertops fall into the second category for me. […]

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221) Merry Merry at This Green House

December 23, 2014

I’m wishing you a wonderful and warm holiday season with family, chosen family, and friends. A story: A  year and a half ago, I applied for a GST/HST rebate on our build. A few months later, I received an answer from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), telling me our rebate was denied, because the agent decided that […]

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220) Greenhouse at This Green House

November 11, 2014

Oh, boy! I’m excited! We have finally built that greenhouse, on the concrete pad that was poured ‘way back here. We were gifted 25 plates of tempered glass from a condo balcony remodel that was headed for the landfill. Some of them were used in our balcony railings and one was broken. Sixteen odd-sized pieces remain. WWOOFer Tim re-measured […]

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219) R.I.P. Bosch Angle Grinder

October 8, 2014

Just as I was nearing completion of the stone facing on the greenhouse, my trusty Bosch Angle Grinder died. My masonry teacher, Serge, said I would go through 2 or 3 of these before the house was done. It has seen me through the masonry on the whole house exterior Plus the pizza patio Plus […]

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218) Fold-down Bed

August 5, 2014

As I mentioned in this post, we’re working up to twenty beds in This Green House. The studio has already been used as an add-on bedroom (see this post: Make Your Own Bed) but we wanted something more comfortable and permanent. After Rob the carpenter was here doing our “Sprint to the Finish,” I sent him […]

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